FIX engines

Financial Information eXchange (FIX) is a standard developed for international real-time exchange of securities transactions. It has been developed through the collaboration of banks, broker-dealers, exchanges, industry associations, institutional investors and information technology providers from around the world. FIX has become the standard electronic protocol for pre-trade communications and trade execution. The protocol makes it possible to transact in an electronic, transparent, cost efficient and timely manner.

Our FIX-based application programming interface and highly optimised hardware gives our electronic trader programs near-real time access to the markets, with order message round-trip times measured in milliseconds. The system is built for high volume trading and runs a routine at certain intervals to flush data to other processors for administrative and storage purposes. Apart from the front end, the entire system is developed in the C++ language. We have done work in setting up and developing Financial Information Exchange (FIX) networks, both for our clients and for our own trading purposes.