Corporate responsibilities

Corporate social responsibility

At Hobury we believe our business has somehow, directly or indirectly, a social impact and that we must therefore take responsibility for our corporate actions towards society as a whole. Taking social responsibility is simply good business practice and demonstrates our commitment to stewardship both to our employees and the society we operate in. We selected a communal project we felt the closest affinity with, namely helping to make this world a healthier place by utilising high performance computing power. We are contributors to the Folding@home project, and can be found as team hobury with team number 47610. The goal of this project is to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases.

Folding@home is a distributed computing project and a not for profit organisation that publishes their simulation results in scientific journals.

folding at home

Environmental responsibility

At Hobury we use only the resources we actually need, no more. Upon replacing hardware, we only procure hardware with low-energy processors and without a harddisk. The electricity we use to power our hardware and offices is from renewable sources and office lighting itself is energy saving. Our offices are paperless. Our employees are encouraged to use public transport.