Research topic: warrant analysis

Overview of solution

This project aims to assemble publicly posted data on the internet and perform statistical analysis on that data for real time decision making. The data to be fetched is pricing data on financial instruments which are traded on exchanges.

The objective of this project is to create a real time and succinct web based overview of price movements in exchange traded instruments for decision making.

Why it makes for an internship project :

- a variety of programming techniques should be used including a performance test
- the development of a statistical analysis presented in graphical format
- opportunity to learn about financial products
- gaining an understanding of the issues related to data management and data analysis
- part of the project is a tool selection process and the clarification on why certain tools are used


A sufficient amount of pricing data needs to be collected in order to be statistically meaningful and hence the need for an automated approach . The engine (the automated pricing data collector) will run unassisted and fetch publicly posted prices from selected sources on the internet . These prices need to be collected in a structured format , such that an analysis can be performed which is subsequently graphically displayed on a web page. The analysis will be per product and involve the estimation of confidence intervals for the instrument's price movements. The analysis should allow for multiple instruments to be analyzed in a coherent form simultaneously. The web page should offer some form of interactivity, ie the user should be able to make some selections. Given the large amount of data to be fetched, it is imperative that a data management solution be found that allows for stable and robust storage and rapid analysis of the data.

Profile of candidate

Well versed in programming for the web and on databases . Typical programming skills would include (in order of proficiency): PHP, C++, HTML, Javascript, CSS.

Typical databases would include either postgresql, mysql or sqlite.

Knowledge of content management systems a plus.

Knowledge of financial products such as equities, options and warrants a plus.

Introductory knowledge of mathematical statistics a plus.

The following planning is proposed, each is expected to last about 1 month.

1. Research solution and identify options for development : draft project proposal, investigate options for solution implementation including testing guidelines and storage guidelines
2. Develop and implement solution , including half term presentation
3. Write final report , including final presentation

Terms and conditions

The internship needs not be developed at the office, but can be performed at the university.

An internship reimbursement is applicable.

This project is expected to last 3 months. Although full time availability is recommended, this is not a strict requirement and availability of 3 days or more per week is acceptable. The candidate should be able to manage his/her own time and regularly update Hobury on progress and issues. Both an intermediate (half term) and a final presentation will be part of this internship assignment.

Copyright of the solution remains with Hobury.